Business projects support

Employer support / HR consulting

Transaction advisory / Due diligence

Concern / Syndicate service

Support for the energy sector

Support for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Support for the banking sector

Personal data protection


Consumer relations

Public procurement

Relations with administrative authorities

Regulatory affairs


Legal affairs


1 / Advising the HR at companies employing 10,000 people in a capital group, and supporting communications and negotiations on behalf of the employer.

2 / Preparing drafts of contracts concerning electricity sale to consumers and entrepreneurs, including models of comprehensive contracts to be used in customer relations from tariff groups G.

3 / Investment support in the field of wind energy (development / construction / operation) – private and public-law aspects.

4 / Advising on an MBO transaction in the context of bankrucy risks faced by the company’s shareholder/s.

5 / Supporting entrepreneurs in proceedings with customs authorities concerning the imposition of fines amounting to several millions due to violation of gambling regulations.

6 / Support in the separation of an enterprise/business model within the structure of a joint-stock company including a part of the plant, as well as merging an enterprise/business model within the structure of a joint-stock company with its subsidiary, issuing obligations / bonds and selling shares to external investors.

7 / Supporting entrepreneurs during audits conducted by the Supreme Audit Office.

8 / Support during the reorganization of employment on the CEE markets in an international capital group.

9 / Support for multi-million dollar financing rounds of a joint-stock company, covering cash-ins and cash-outs on behalf of an investment fund.

10 / Designing a restructuring model of an insolvent company and carrying out effective investment in that company in stages, resulting in the optimization of the risk of loss or a decrease in the buyer’s multi-million contribution.