Business-Integrated Legal Support

Besides knowledge and experience, we highly esteem expertise in various business conditions. Understanding the Client’s business and their aspirations is the key to effective consulting. While we are essentially an external consultant; we also integrate ourselves into the Client’s business structure as required, rendering direct support to the management, organizational units, project teams and internal legal departments. We intend to foster long-term relationships with the Client.

Sophisticated Inter-Disciplinary Projects

Our goal is to render competent services to demanding entrepreneurs. Not only do we specialize in the optimization of legal risks accompanying the current operations of the Client, but also in providing solutions to the needs of complex business ventures. We realize that the Client requires holistic and consistent solutions resulting in successfully-executed projects and proper functioning of their organization. We seek challenges. The more challenging, the better.

Redefining Legal Situations as Business Goals

A legal adviser is often presented with a specific problem to be solved. It is not uncommon, however, that in light of the Client’s business goals, the problem actually stems from elsewhere. Therefore, we pay careful attention to the Client and ask about their goals, as we believe that a proper diagnosis of the real legal problems is critical in being able to offer effective solutions. Constructive legal engineering requires a comprehensive approach.

Legal Audits (DD) and Transaction Services (M&A)

Investments are our passion. We offer support right from the stages of defining goals and preparations for legal examinations, through the audits and implementation of corrective solutions, and all the way up to the development, negotiation and execution of investment agreements. We support investors, as well as entities preparing for a cash-out, a cash-in, a transformation, an IPO, an ESOP, as well as other various endeavors into investment.

Power HR

The key to success is a solid workforce. The legal architecture of employment can prove to be instrumental in success. It can also turn out to be a source of significant risk, often overlooked by the employer. We advise employers at the early stages of modeling solutions for the future, and help respond appropriately to emerging crisis situations. Support for employers is one of the key segments of LC LEGAL’s activities.

Business direction: PL

Doing business abroad is a challenge. LC LEGAL specializes in advising foreign entrepreneurs executing one-time business transactions in Poland, as well as those running or intending to commence business in Poland. We have considerable experience in building corporate relations from the perspective of both, a foreign parent company, and a domestic entity.

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